I would love to see a TV broadcast with only the croud noise and PA announcer (1 Viewer)

Football wouldnt be football without two idiots who have an amazing talent for stating the obvious cheering against the Saints..

that said... Troy Aikman has been pleasantly surprising.
Nah it defintly wouldn't happend now

commenators have to much to advertise

"Now we take you into the sprint halftime report brought to you by dodge"
The only time i recall that happening was many years ago when NBC held the rights to the AFC games. The Jets were at Miami on a Saturday afternoon. And no..the response from the viewers wasn't good.
I miss last year's and a few prior year's Sunday night ESPN crew. I know a lot of people hated them but they'd get me fired up for games I couldn't care less about.
There was an employee strike at the CBC a few years back and for about six weeks the Hockey Night in Canada games had no announcers. It was beautiful.

I think I'd like that in a football game but I'd need the refs to chime in alot more to let me know what the heck was going on.
that's how I have Madden set up.

THAT is what i'm sayin' !!!!

To have whomever and Madden goin' nonstop while tryin' to coach
your game on is next to impossible.. & gawd forbid if one of the
Saints does something silly , oh man, that's just askin' for it.. &
then, the sensless ramblings from Madden himself.. it's just like
watchin' it on TV.. But to the subject, I think it'd be sweet if it was
broadcast like being there.. I mean think about it, there are no
announcers doin' play by play over the P.A. (so to speak).. Perhaps
in the future they'll (the networks and tech-stuff) will be able to
allow you to set your "game" audio settings, like in Madden.. LoL!
That'd be crazy, but a good option for those who are ill with guys
who no NOTHING of the Saints except what they happen to watch
on the NFL Network.......Just my .02


In Australia, when I was growing up we used to mute the TV and turn up the radio when we watched our version of the Super Bowl (The Grand Final, or The Granny as we used to call it). You would always find that the radio commentary was far superior than the commercial rubbish they has on the TV.
In Australia, when I was growing up we used to mute the TV and turn up the radio

Exactly, I wish this would be an option on the NFL Sunday ticket. Pick your game and then get to choose from 3 audio's; either the network announcers, the away team radio announcers, or the home radio announcers. I would be willing to pay ALOT of money for that option. Someone should get on this NOW!

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