If we lose next week? (1 Viewer)

If we lose to Tampa Bay how will you feel?

  • Alot of football left to be played, Playoffs are still gonna happen.

    Votes: 34 68.0%
  • Probably just miss the playoffs. I still love my Saints.

    Votes: 13 26.0%
  • We were overrated and done for the year. Same ole Saints.

    Votes: 2 4.0%
  • I am off this sinking ship!

    Votes: 1 2.0%

  • Total voters
I still think that the season is a success -- I just will not be as completely optimistic on reaching the playoffs --

No matter what happened yesterday I took away a few things --

1) This team has no quit in it -- no matter how far down they kept playing hard
2) We have a team that can come back. If you can roll up 400 yards against the Ravens Defense when they know you are going to pass the ball you have some talent. And it was not that the Ravens were giving us anything -- when they had the ball they consistently passed the ball even in the last minutes -- because they did not want our offense to have the ball
3) The team has the utmost confidence in Drew Brees
This is a rebuilding year. It a rebuilding year even if we get to the playoffs, even if we should somehow manage to get into the conference final. So it won't really matter much to me. But if we lose you can count us out of the playoffs. All having a winning record will mean is a lower draft pick. So part of me wishes we go 8-8.

If anyones still convinced that our defense is "good enough" to win it all, or that that Thomas and McKenzie are "good enough" at corner, please rewatch yestedays game. We got exposed by one of the worst passing attacks in the league, and at home. Disgraceful We need to make a major push for Clements.
I am of the feeling that no matter what this season is a success. After what we went through last year, we are clearly on an upward path. We are a better team with bright future. I also think that we are only 5 or so players away from an elite team.

I will just let whatever will happen this season happen and enjoy the ride.
we are very overrated. this is a rebuilding season, and thus far coaching has won us a few games we should not have won (based on talent and quality of the teams)

As teams learn to explote our weakness we either must gameplan around them, or learn to overcome them.

I expect 8 - 8 ball park, 9 - 7 will be good, 10 - 6 will earn SP the coach of the year.
I certainly agree that 10-6 gets Payton Coach of the Year. That would be well deserved.
If we lose next week, we'll be 5-3 and will have a lot of work to be done, similar to this week, but still won't be in a tremendous hole standing-wise. If we get to .500, I will be begin to worry.

Now, if we lose in similar fashion to yesterday, then, we have a bigger issue on our hands. We shall see........
holy cow we are 5-2 and people act like we have no hope now. Yea we lost but the ball rolled baltimore's way. We still had a good game on offense we just had the turnovers.

seriously I have never seen stuff like this there is no way you can win every game this is the nfl. Don't lose your hope. We are still tied for 2nd in the NFC. Jeez

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