In The Booth: Jim & Archie, Jim & Hokie? (1 Viewer)

Jim & Archie or Jim & Hokie

  • Jim & Archie

    Votes: 110 64.3%
  • Jim & Hokie

    Votes: 61 35.7%

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May 2, 2006
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Who do you prefer in the booth on Sunday?

I really miss the chemistry between Jim and Archie. Hokie does a really good job, but maybe Archie will come back when the kids are done playing.
Honestly, I'd love all three. Jim is great - period. Archie brings the intellectual insight of a former QB into the booth. Hokie conversly brings the emotion. Over the years I have enjoyed listening to all three.
jim and archie were perfect together...
take nothing away from hokie, but i think archie did a better job, and the chemistry made for good radio and great laughs...
Jim and my dog would make a good combination. There is one constant and I hope he never retires.
Anyone remember when Henderson took a year off to do National broadcasts with one of the networks? Anyone remember which network it was?
The three of them together would be great. I voted for Jim and Hokie. I like a little color in my color guy. Archie is smart and insightful but a little too dry at times. Hokie's insight is somewhat lacking, but he makes up for it with his palpable excitement.
They both aren't good.

We need someone new, maybe younger and fresher, beside Jim.
Jim could make anyone good in the booth. He does a great job and he should never be replaced.

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