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Jan 23, 2007
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We draft Jordan Poyer!! I love this kid. Just a natural ballhawk with 7 interceptions last year!! Thats more than our top 3 dbs last year. Yeah, i would like darick rogers too but i just like Poyer. What do you guys think?
i want alex okafor, brandon jenkins, or jordan poyer
i want alex okafor, brandon jenkins, or jordan poyer

Yup! If Okafor somehow falls to the 5th, I hope its him. A sleeper would be FB/TE/H-Back Kyle Juszczyk, from Harvard. Seems like a Payton kind of guy.
OLB. If we get a nice OLB, we'd be set. CB/WR are possibilities. I also Like Patton/Swope/Ace Sanders
we draft Lawrence Okoye and Marcus Lattimore. two low risk high reward players. worth a shot?
I really like Poyer. But I feel that we have to get Patton.
Everything I have seen say poyer isn't a great press and cover guy. Espn insider has him ranked as a 4 or below average for cover skills. I like him a lot too just not sure about for the saints. I'm hoping for nico Johnson in the 5th, then Landry jones in the 6th. Johnson can blitz from the inside lb spot and can be groomed to take over for vilma and at worst just be a situational rusher. I think Landry would be the best back up QB physically the saints have had since drew has been here and could grow to be a possible successor. At this rate though Barkley may still be on the board haha
If okafor or patton are there at five this draft imo will officially be the deepest pool of talent I've ever seen in a draft.

The ultimate draft for 32 teams imo. I love it.
Yea I like Nico Johnson and Da'Rick Rogers or marquess Wilson

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