Just a matter of time ...smack already rev'd up at Falcons' board (1 Viewer)

you know they're hungry to play us on their turf
i hope we beat them next week at their house, sweep them for the season and end their playoff hopes FOR GOOD...though it be might tough.

just want to shut them up...been sick of their fans and their antics the whole season.
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The Saints WILL crush the Falcons next week, take it to the bank!. (Going out on a limb here and feel good about doing it)
What on EARTH could possibly get any better than knocking the absolute snot out of the Dirty Birds for the Second TIME? Plus, it giving us a better Division record PLUS it knocks the Falcons out of P/O hopes PLUS it's Thanksgiving!

The thing I hate most about Atlanta is one of my favorite NFL players of All Time (Warrick Dunn) is on thier team. Oh well, Warrick, just lay low my man, just lay low, put up a few small runs, nothing scary and just lay low for this one.

Everybody frustated. I hope we just come out and punching them in the mouth and control the game. I will feel 100% times better if we come out with a win.
We need to lay low, don't stir the pot too much and quitely pop them in the mouth and win the game. Win the game and thier season is done which it may be allready. We could be playin the little sisters of the poor this week and I would not care, we need a win badly. I would not feel sorry beating a handicapp team we need a win so badly right now.
its funny how negative the falcons fans are.. they have no faith in any of their coaches or players

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