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Of all the Katrina aid abuse stories I've seen, this one takes the cake. Apparently, this couple is not married, and what's worse, they never even moved into the house they were given. Being a pastor myself, I'm torn. I'm a nice guy and don't feel compelled to wish ill-will on them and wish them well, yet, another part of me wants to throw the book at them. What gets me is the ungrateful attitude they have. I'm not shocked by it, but it angers me nonetheless. All I know is that they'll get theirs in due time, sooner or later everyone is gonna face the music.

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- A church that wanted to do something special for Hurricane Katrina victims gave a $75,000 house, free and clear, to a couple who said they were left homeless by the storm. But the couple turned around and sold the place without ever moving in, and went back to New Orleans.

"Take it up with God," an unrepentant Joshua Thompson told a TV reporter after it was learned that he and the woman he identified as his wife had flipped the home for $88,000.

Church members said they feel their generosity was abused by scam artists. They are no longer even sure that the couple were left homeless by Katrina or that they were a couple at all...


Oh, I hope this isn't a repost. I haven't been around the EE much this season for obvious reasons, heh.
Nope not a repost. I saw a video on them on CNN.com about a week ago and wondered when this was going to make the news here. I think a local op ed guy had a write up about them in the Times Pic either last fri or sat. "Take it up with God."
Amen to that. I just can't fathom what they did.
God has a way of dealing with people like that.

God set-up a little thing called Reaping what you sow 5000 years ago.
They'll get whats coming to them.
God doesn't have to do a thing.
They did it to themselves.
A family in my neighborhood did the same thing. They gave their home to a displaced Katrina family. I haven't seen a For Sale sign, so I assume the New Orleans family still lives there.
you just can't be nice to people anymore...which is why i am a jerk:hihi:

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