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Dec 16, 2004
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I freakin love this guy...Easily could be argued he won this game for us with two huge deep grabs.
I'd really like to see him work more under routes as well. The guy is a beast and big enough to really dominate after the catch.
The double move for the TD was a sick route...10 yards of separation in about a second.
The move he put on Cinci's cb for the first grab was beautifully alos helped the the play-action was killer because of our running game.
Meachem looks totally mended from his foot injury and showed some speed. He rarely drops balls and looks to have somewhat supplanted Henderson as the 2nd wide receiver. He's a keeper.
Early in the year he was a no-show, but that's probably because he was recovering from his injury. He's looked healthy and explosive the last few weeks and coming on strong for this offense down the stretch.
some of his credit needs to go to Ivory, when he carried the ball on first down it was followed up by a great play.

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