N/S - "NFL will announce a Brett Favre decision on Jenn Sterger case within next 48 hours." (1 Viewer)


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Sep 9, 2001
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"He is expected to be disciplined"

Source - Adam Schefter via Twitter

Poor Brett. Did he ever imagine walking away like this? What a shame. :covri:
They'll probably suspend him for the first 4 games of next year.
If there's a suspension of more than 1 game, it would carry into next year. That would make him unsignable (at least as a starter) and indicate his retirement.
they are probably just doing this so she won't sue. Favre probably is asking them to do it. tbqh I think she was just disappointed by the pics.
They'll probably suspend him for the first 4 games of next year.

Seriously. I wonder how much the "discipline" would change if the Vikes were contending and Favre wasn't hurt.
I'll bet 100 he doesnt get suspended... The NFL loves it in the summer when all the talk on espn and everything is "Is Brett Farve coming out of retirement, AGAIN!!"
"Poor Brett", he only pocketed about 20 million during the last four months, for what anyone could hardly call "work".

Poor us.
It should be a suspension of the first 8 games of next season or possibly the entire season.
My how the mighty have fallen

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