N/S: Rumor all over Twitter (probably untrue) Les Miles... (1 Viewer)


Apr 19, 2003
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to step down on Monday due to affair with eighteen year old black female student, purple monkey dishwasher #The Simpsons
How does her race contribute to the story? Is that why he'll step down?
Nothing to see here

Bruce Feldman

Talked to a source at LSU tonight.. there is no truth to that wild rumor.
9:50pm - 2 Mar 13
Some of y'all have been hanging out in the girls bathroom at jr high school?
might not be true but ill have my popcorn ready regardless
Usually with rumors, there is at least a small kernel of truth. However, in Les Miles' case, there have been so many unfounded rumors that I don't even believe the more plausible ones. I get why he's polarizing but IMO he really shouldn't be. So far, he's never said he's staying and then days or weeks later left.

Contrast that with Nick Satan saying one thing and doing another. The latest round of rumors about his return to the NFL may be false, but the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

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