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Jun 14, 2018
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Lots of big changes and new faces in the NFCS for next season... We all know the Saints have added Emmanuel Sanders and re-connected with Malcolm Jenkins... but what about the new faces among the enemy ranks?

Tampa Bay - Tom Brady is of course the biggest name joining the South next season. Brady joins an offense that has outstanding receiving weapons in Evans, Godwin, Howard, and Brate. Their OL is sketchy, but I fully expect the Bucs to add a quality RB via the draft... a RB that Brady will trust to look to for his outlet. The Bucs defense has some talent in the front 7, but their secondary is still a weakness.

Carolina - The Panties ditched sCam and added Teddy Bridgewater to lead their offense. “Teddy Checkdown” has one of the very best receiving RBs in the world in CMAC, and outside options like DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson. The Panthers OL is hot garbage, but I expect Bridgewater to get the ball out quick and rely heavily on the speed and athleticism of his skill players. Losing an All-World MLB like Luke Keuchly and their top CB in Bradbury figures to drastically effect the defense for Carolina, and that will be a major reason that team figures to be the bottom feeder of the South.

Atlanta - The Turds actually have a pretty talented roster. Julio Jones is still a top-tier WR and Calvin Ridley is an excellent complimentary #2 that could be the #1 for some other teams... they lost their budding star at TE, and replaced him with a disappointing (but talented) Hayden Hurst. The OL has some pieces, but injuries set their 2 first-round additions from last year back. Then there’s the addition of Todd Gurley. A healthy Todd Gurley is a dangerous RB, but is he healthy?... and if he is, how long will he stay that way? He has a knee condition that isn’t going to get better, but if they use him smartly, they could keep him relatively healthy and fresh. I expect the Clowns to add another RB via the draft. The Failcon defense is hurting at CB, but they have pieces at every level of the D. The Failclowns coaching staff is a weakness, and that will hold their entire team back.
Atlanta has the same talent that they have been hanging their hat on and causing preseason predictions of them as a top team for all these years now. They still desperately hope this because they are married to it with those contracts. But what that talent does in crunch time is what has been most important. I do think they are the team we have to look out for the most. Carolina will be solid as well. I predict Brady in Tampa is going to be a bust and over with in a year. Father Time will not be an ally for a QB trying to learn a new system, get chemistry with his weapons, etc. Certainly not when time was already apparently catching up in his old proven system.
who are the best gamers on each squad?
imma guess it's CJGJ for us, but would not be surprised if there was a dark horse like Zach Wood or Noah Spence
I think the health of Gurley and the play of the secondary (especially the CBs ) will be the determining factors to Atlanta’s success or failure. Their front 7 on defense is solid. I know they lost Campbell at SAM, but Oluokun(sp?) could actually turn out to be really good... I’ve watched him, and when he’s on the field, he makes plays... big hitter too. Their CBs are hot garbage though. I don’t think either of their starting CBs are about as equal as having PJ Williams and Patrick Robinson as your 2 starters outside.
When the Falcons lost their superbowl... I looked at my friend and said.. This is going to destroy them for YEARSSSSSSSS... and apparently that theory was right.
When the Falcons lost their superbowl... I looked at my friend and said.. This is going to destroy them for YEARSSSSSSSS... and apparently that theory was right.
Exactly. They imploded, and they have been garbage since. However, they seemed to get it together in the 2nd half of last season, and that is scary. Still, I don't think that was the norm for them. Dan Quinn is great as a Coordinator, but as the HC is awful.

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