NS-Hattiesburg HS destroyed by tornado, same school where Brett Favre coaches. (1 Viewer)


Apr 7, 2002
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Houston, Tx
Oak Grove HS...Oak Grove HS??? Why does that name sound familiar? Then it hit me? Pulled up the school website...Bingo!!!


Brett Favre is listed as offensive coordinator.

Luckily no injuries were reported. Sunday school was out.
USM, my alma mater, is destroyed as well... sad day
Oak Grove is our biggest rival but I sure hope that they get things fixed up as soon as possible. It was a beautiful school. I am really glad that it happened while no one was there.
That's very unfortunate. I'm glad nobody was hurt. Hopefully they can get things fixed up soon.
School came out ok but the football and baseball areas got messed up pretty bad.
That's terrible news. Where are they going to hold classes for the rest of the year?
We were in Hattiesburg yesterday and left to get back to the coast around the time this happened. Thank God for Mississippi's love of Mardi Gras. It is a long holiday weekend for USM, so there weren't many people on campus at all. (My history prof from Michigan was pretty upset a few years ago because not realizing that was a holiday threw off his lesson plans. He wanted to know why we couldn't just get drunk and go to school anyway like everyone else.) The buildings that were hit there .. the almuni building (Old, beautiful building), a vacant dorm, and two of the music dept's buildings. One of them is pretty thoroughly wrecked. Lots of tree damage, too, which is a shame because the campus is covered in oaks. There were also several apartment buildings hit. The town of Petal has a lot of damage, too.


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