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Aug 21, 2006
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todd graff or whatever on 1280 said that aaron brooks said he didnt want to return to soon to the raiders from his injurie cuz it would be unfair to his teammates, that he is not 100%............how ironic, cant do nothing but laff at this.......
My guess is that since he's had the opportunity to see from the sidelines his backup getting pummeled each week, it's a lot easier for him to sit back and wait until he is "100%".

Honestly, how much does Brooks have left in him? His psyche was fragile in New Orleans, at this point is he just collecting a check?
Too bad he didn't feel the same in December 2002, hmm?
And some of you think Aaron is not a smart person.
It's easy for him to say that especially since the coach wasn't going to play him anyway. It was different in 2002 when the coach was telling everyone that nothing was wrong with him when we all knew that he was hurt. Coaches tell players when they are going to play, not the other way around.
this thread has so much potential............

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