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Jul 9, 2001
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Military and weapons nuts, here's your challenge:

Same picture, two captions.

NOTE: "Stringer" means the picture was taken by a paid photographer, not a staff photographer

QUESTION: Is the item in the picture really a toy?

A masked Palestinian boy holds a toy gun during a rally in support of the Palestinian Hamas government in the West bank city of Hebron, October 27, 2006. (Stringer/Reuters)

A boy wears a face mask made from an Islamic flag and holds an toy rifle with live rounds attached to it, as he poses for the photographers, during a rally of thousands of Hamas supporters in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, Friday Oct. 27, 2006.(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Ready for the picture?
I'm going to try an attachment.


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Looks like a toy. Go look up Airsoft on the net. They make some toys that could get you killed real quick if you pointed it at someone who was armed with a real gun.

And belt fed 7.62 dont work in a clip fed 5.56.
I'm no weapons expert, but when I was a kid, I can remember that the M-16s and 9mms which toy producers made looked like the real things from even a short distance.

And it's also entirely possible that a good photoshopping job could fool most people; and without a close inspection, there's no real way to know one way or another.

Bottom line is that toy-makers targeting (no pun intended) 10-13 year olds want to produce a product which looks like the real thing. Even if it doesn't look like the real thing a good paint job could make it look like the real deal from even a short distance.
I'd have to say it looks like a toy to me, the "sheen" from the lights on black is what would give it away. But then again, like the others, I'm not weapons expert so I could just as easily be wrong.
I'm familiar with the old "rubber duck" weapons. The detailing is too good for it to be one of those.

But, Helo's got a point. For $145 you can order one of these from AirSoft.


Lately, there has been a push by pro-Isreali media to condemn Hamas for "child abuse" when pictures are published of kids with weapons, kids acting as lookouts, kids shielding snipers, etc.
The cynic in me says that in Palestine, it's a thousand times easier and probably cheaper to buy the real thing than an imitation.

I'm inclined to agree. I'm not sure how prevelant realistic looking toy guns are in Palestine. Real guns are a dime a dozen. Indoctrination occurs at an early age, so I don't see the difference in giving them a real gun vs a toy gun...
I would agree with the latter opinion.

Airsoft DOES make some really good imitations.....but like the comment above about the M203.....why would you make a BB gun with a grenade launcher on it?

Posing with a real weapon isn't all that preposterous. I think the assumption is that this kid is out playing with this rifle every day....that may not be the case. What if he posed with his father's assault weapon?
These folks are still looney, though.
the "toy gun" theory would coincide w/ the "play money" screen directly behind him.

Either way, if he flashes that thing on the streets of Hebron or Prairieville, AR, chances are they will shoot first, ask questions later...
I thought the weapon of choice for Hamas et. al. was the AK-47?:shrug:

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