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Jan 22, 2000
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How mad is this Monday Night Football game making you as you watch a completely hopeless Cardinals team muddle their way through this nationally televised game?

1 = Not mad at all. They were just better than us on Oct. 10th.
2 = I'm mad, but you know, 'Any Given Sunday'
3 = Mad enough to call the next sports radio talk show and call out some players.
4 = I'm fully expecting to become permanently banned from the SSF for my upcoming 'rant' thread.
5 = Three words: 'Flaming Dog Poop'

Next year they will introduce flexible schedule MNF games, lol...
How accurate is that scale if it only goes to 5? Spring for a better scale man.
Was listening to the radio broadcast on the way home just now and one of the commentators described it perfectly:

"Contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as an ugly baby, and this is an ugly baby contest."
#2. Arizona was the away game we chose to go to this season. It was a blast talking trash to the fans (great sports) but holy crap did it bite us in the ***. The Saints played unenthusiastic, unfocused, and like deer in headlights that day. Needless to say if they played again, we'd win by 20+.
Just watch Derek Anderson overthrow Fitzy in the endzone by a good 15 yards. :covri:
It's putrid... but I did LOL when I saw the sign a Cardinals fan was holding up: "Help Wanted: Offense/Defense" They need it.

Oh, I am Level 1 on your scale, Bill.
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