Panasonic likely to discontinue making Plasma TV's (1 Viewer)

Mar 30, 2004
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Tokyo, Japan (4E) – Struggling Japanese consumer electronics company Panasonic said it will scale down its TV business and exit from production of plasma displays.

Suggestions that Panasonic stopped investing in new plasma development some time ago hint that an imminent wind down is indeed on the cards—though an unnamed Panasonic executive also claims production would wind down gradually to preserve customer relations.

Panasonic mulls shutting down its TV plasma panels plant in Amagasaki by fiscal 2014, and had already written off the value of equipment at the facility by fiscal 2011, according to the report released by the company.

A few sources reporting it

I've been very vocal about the writing being in the wall over Plasma TVs but there are still a few things the tech did well. If Plasmas are your thing, get one while you can. I understood that Panasonic made the best out there once Pioneer abandoned the tech.
I have one and so far I'm pleased.

Total bummer to hear that, tho.
that sucks. they are far superior to anything that wdf has in his house.
This is horrible news. Had to resist giving you the red thumb, kept telling myself don't shoot the messenger. Every modern tv in my house is a Panny plasma.
I've had a Panasonic plasma since 2011 and have been very happy with it. To bad they're not going to make them anymore.
There is still no tech that matches the black levels achieved by plasma. In my opinion, the cons of Plasmas outweighed the pros. However, I know many respectable tech experts that think the other way. However, it appears the technology is in it's twilight years. Hopefully, OLED will replace and improve (as it is expected to) for the best customer experience.

And my edge-lit LED is very nice zeetes so please stifle that mouthy gob of yours.
That sucks. I bought a Panasonic plasma last summer, and it's amazing. I'd buy it again in a second.

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