Per Underhill Winston deal could count against comp picks (1 Viewer)

Nick: Why do I have to do all the work?

it would definitely be a high profile story if some teams we’re getting a pass on losing comp picks while only the saints would be the only teams that loses a comp. worst case scenario is the saints keep the pick, best case would be comp pick eliminated all together.

I’m sure he has more access to the data than we do.
I think Nick should research all the other teams that have signed players after the draft deadline to see how many teams received passes from the NFL. Then publish it in the court of public opinion.
Subscribe to his new site and then ask. He puts a lot of work into these kind of breakdowns!
This capriciousness is exactly why I said before we signed him that we should have just leaked some BS about not being able to come to terms about some esoteric part of the contract and signed him a week or two later. By signing him now, we've taken completely unnecessary risk with no benefit.
If the league has the chance to screw the Saints they will.

While true, realism suggests that he doesn’t take enough snaps to hit the benchmarks. It would require another freakish injury to Brees’ ability to throw a football for that to happen. Beneath the public face of Brees beats the heart of a fierce competitor. It would take another serious-enough injury to get him off the field.
Love him or hate him, Florida and PFT would probably be interested in having this forwarded to him and asked to be researched. He loves the legalese aspect of the rules.

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