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Jul 6, 2001
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Elizabethtown , KY , from Shreveport
Why not move Deuce to FB , put Reggie at tailback? I'm not saying run the ball with Reggie all the time , but with Deuce at FB you can confuse the Defense , and even motion Reggie into the slot now where is the ball going? Is Deuce running , or is it thrown to Reggie , Horn , Colston, or even the TE? Then when you come out with 4 WR's , have Reggie in the back , now who is getting the ball Reggie , Horn , Colston, Henderson, or Copper ? Give me your thoughts on this! I really think that with Deuce at FB , and Reggie at TB it will spread the Defense out more.
Deuce McAllister is not a fullback. Play them both if you must, but to attempt to utilize Deuce as a fullback is foolhardy.
I think what we're doing on offense right now is just fine. We just can't throw INTS in the end zone. I would've liked to have seen Deuce get some more carries early on, but we moved the ball very well. And if you mean permanently move Deuce to fullback, that wouldn't fly. He'd be the most expensive FB of all time. Our use of Reggie/Deuce this year has been great.
McAllister should have more than ten carries. I know they want to bring Bush along but you're just letting good talent rot.

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