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I guess they were helping fellow officers with job security?

3 South Carolina deputies charged with making hoax phone calls about dead bodies​

"While on duty, [these] deputies knowingly reported five hoax emergencies within the municipalities of Cheraw, Chesterfield, McBee and Pageland," a SLED agent wrote in a Feb. 4 arrest warrant released this week.

"These hoax reports were telephoned to convenience stores or the respective municipal law enforcement agency and notified the call recipient of the location of a ‘dead body’ within the municipalities," the warrant added. "These hoax calls caused emergency responses from law enforcement and/or other emergency responders."

Washington (CNN) — Chronic failures by the Bureau of Prisons contributed to the deaths of hundreds of federal prison inmates, the Department of Justice’s Inspector General said in a blistering report released Thursday.

The report found that recurring failures within the Bureau of Prisons, such as inaccurate mental health screenings or prison staff missing inmate rounds, led to inmates dying in federal custody. Longstanding institutional issues also limited BOP’s ability to investigate inmate deaths and prevent similar conditions in the future, it said.

For years, the embattled Bureau of Prisons has been the subject of accusations by politicians, prisoner advocacy groups for mistreating or neglecting inmates…….

A small Iowa town of 800 residents likely has no need for a police force armed with 90 machine guns to keep the peace.

That, at least, is the view of federal prosecutors, who on Wednesday announced the indictment of Adair Chief of Police Bradley Wendt on charges of making false statements to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to obtain numerous machine guns over a four-year period on behalf of the Adair Police Department, which during Wendt's tenure has never had more than three officers.

Instead, according to prosecutors, weapons would be resold for profit through Wendt's private gun store or another store owned by a friend who also is facing charges.

According to court filings and the press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, Wendt used his position as police chief to obtain 10 machine guns for the official use of the police department, but later resold at least six of those weapons for "significant profit.".............

The police chief of a small Iowa town was convicted by a federal jury Wednesday of lying to federal authoritiesto acquire machine guns prosecutors say he sold for his own profit.

The jury convicted Adair Police Chief Brad Wendt, 47, of conspiring to make false statements to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, making false statements to the agency, and illegal possession of a machine gun. He was convicted on 11 of 15 charges.

Wendt was indicted in December 2022, accused of lying to the bureau in official letters asking to buy the machine guns or to see them demonstrated.……

This dude should be fired immediately!

He initiated the contact with the band member and then he escalated by shoving the kid. That is straight up assault!

He has a lengthy "rap sheet"...here's another substantiated complaint against him:
A new US justice department database intended to track the backgrounds of officers working for federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI and ATF is unlikely to solve the problem of police with checkered pasts moving between departments, defense attorneys and reform advocates warn.

Announced in December, the National Law Enforcement Accountability Database (NLEAD) will compile reports of misconduct by federal law enforcement officers, after legislation to create a national catalog of complaints against police at all levels of government was blocked in Congress.

But information about the approximately 136,000 officers working under various federal departments – including well-known agencies such as the Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration and more obscure branches such as the US Mint Police – will not be available to the public, nor to the leadership of state and local police agencies.

“This is available for federal agencies, for particular people in some federal agencies that are doing hiring. So, what does that mean if you were the sheriff or the police chief in X city or town? Would not there be the same interest in knowing that this officer you’re about to hire has a deeply problematic history?” said Jumana Musa, director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’s Fourth Amendment Center.

The more than 17,500 state and local police agencies in the United States employ about 788,000 officers, but no comprehensive database exists of their employment records, despite concerns over “wandering officers”, or police who bounce from department to department after resigning or being terminated due to misconduct…….

i remember years ago in either BR or Livingston, there was an incident where there was a police chase and a State Trooper who was not invloved in the chase decided he wanted to join in on it even though he wasn't in the area, and he tried to make a quick uturn to head in that direction, he got into an accident and he died. When they caught the guy they were chasing, they tried to charge him with the Troopers death. It didn't hold up, but the fact that they even attepted that was crazy to me.

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