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Aug 1, 2004
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New Orleans, LA
Since Colston was a bright spot in the loss, I decided to look up some of the NFL rookie records for receiving. This is what I got.

Colston's stats through 9 games: 54 catches, 869 yards, 7 TDs

Most Catches in Rookie Season: 101 - Anquan Boldin, ARI, 2003 (Colston's pace: 96)
Most Yards Gained in Rookie Season: 1,473 - Bill Groman, HOU, 1960 (Colston's pace: 1,545)
Most Touchdowns in Rookie Season: 17 - Randy Moss, MIN, 1998 (Colston's pace: 13)

I'll throw in some possible NFL records, rookie or not.

Most Yards Gained in Season: 1,848 - Jerry Rice, SF, 1995 (Colston's pace: 1,545)
Most Consecutive 100 Yard Games: 7 - Michael Irvin, DAL, 1995 (Colston's has 3 consecutive games right now)

Out of all these, the most one he's most likely to break is the Yards Gained in Rookie Season. He's got a good shot at Most Catches in Rookie Season. The other 3 are unlikely, but the man has continued to suprise me week after week. Also, if the defense plays as bad as it did today, we will have to throw a lot, meaning even better stats for him.
I agree with your assessment. Next weekend could be a big weekend for him, Joe should be back, but how the heck are we going to stop cincy when San Diego couldn't??

17 TDs by Randy Moss... now I thought Colston had a chance at this before I saw what it was (never had researched it) ... that's going to be a difficult stat to accomplish, though as he's my fantasy star - I really hope he gets that :D

We've got 7 games remaining, if he does get 100 yard games in 4 of those and at least 50 in the others, he should exceed the rookie Yards gained... I'd like to see him come close to Jerry Rice's numbers too though. This kid is a beast and I'm glad I jumped on his bandwagon before he started getting the numbers - yeah it could have backfired, but I'm basking in the knowledge that I've supported him since game 1. LOL
I think he'll definately get the yardage record. With the schedule coming up, I wouldn't rule out the other two. Even though the TD record is tough, we have some tough games coming up with teams like Cin., NY, Carolina, Atl. we're gonna have to score some pts.
This is such an amazing thing to even consider....the Saints have a rookie WR, picked in the 7th round and he is leading the league in receiving yards.

& it's past the midway point in the season.


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