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Apr 8, 2005
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The question was asked as to who was the first half MVP, Skip Bayless said it would have to be Drew Brees based on the expectations of himself and the team and where they are now, and said it was largely due to his play. The next question was who is the coach of the year, Woody Paige said Sean Payton, again because they are well ahead of where they should be and he has reincarnated Brees career. Just thought ya'll would like to know the Saints and their players are getting props and recognized for there hard work this season.
Yea, I saw that too. I mean I don't base much on what these people say. But Woody Paige and Skip Bayless say alot of things for shock value. But, Woody is actually kind of funny sometimes, at least he has a sense of humor. I think Brees/Payton really do deserve the honors mentioned based on exactly what has transpired in such a short period of time.
Yeah, that was right after he got done saying hes glad Bart Scott went for reggie's ankles and most vets probably were to. Then he conviently changed the subject to talking abotu how reggie is a bust in order to try and make his point sound valid.

Skip is a clown.

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