Reggie Bush MRI results negative - won't miss any time (1 Viewer)


Dec 18, 2009
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Per Jason LaCanfora twitter:

MRi on Reggie Bush's collarbone was negative. He has a strained SC joint; won't have to miss any time. Good news for the Saints
It amazes me that he got an MRI of his collarbone.
I thought it was a knee for a moment there.

Last thing he needs is another reason to hinder his ability to move quickly.
looked like he thrown down by his facemask

no call of course..

THIS!!!! At the time, we were all livid about the "non-call" on whomever brought RB down by his head and FM! Several calls were suspect IMHO yet WE prevailed!

Any WIN is a GOOD WIN! Therefore , as long as we're not limited by injuries due to the "crap calls and non-calls" The TEAM moves on!
Really? I thought he had by the back of the helmet, still should have been a flag, I believe.

I seen this. I've never seen a flag thrown for tackling someone by the helmet, but I would assume it would be unnecessary roughness.
He got clotheslined...........isn't that a personal foul? Or is the DDT a legal NFL move now?
Glad Reggie is ok for his own well being...But as far as for the team, I don't think we miss him if he is playing or not. As unpopular as I know this sentiment is...I have gotten to almost hate it when he touches the ball.
Looked like the guy grabbed his shoulder pads. I don't think it was a horsecollar, but close.
How can you jhust cloths line someone by the helmet and not get flagged. I came unglued when they didnt call that. Poor Reggie. Dude literally almost took 25 helmet and head off. Result, no penalty....WOW!!

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