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Dec 15, 2009
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No this is not another "Lets get Revis"Thread ....although I would love to have him.

But I was just looking over some numbers on him and they are staggering. SMH at some people actually saying they wouldnt give up a 1st for him.

Revis has only given up eight touchdowns over the past five seasons, and never more than three in a year.

Revis hasn’t allowed more than 49 receptions in any season we have looked at, averaging 41.7% of targets to be complete over that three-year span.
QB's targeting Revis over his last three healthy seasons had a rating of 44.6

Just a little read comparing Richard Sherman vs Revis. They actually compare very well, and Sherman is definetily a shutdown CB. Revis has just done it longer.
qbs targeting Quddus had a rating of 18 :)
I wonder if and how well he'll recovery from the knee injury. And with revis you know that you're getting a constant complain about re-doing the contract every other year. But apart from that, he's the best cb in the league by a long mile. Webb comes close but not really there, sherman is good but i want to see him play more than a couple seasons at this level
Would love to have them both, especially Sherman, for me he is the next best Corner in the NFL.

Great stats for Revis though, incredible.
Can you imagine a secondary of Revis, Sherman, and IAQ? If we can just get two big, physical corners in the draft or FA, I'll be happier.
I have heard a report on Sirius that the Jets are looking for a 1st and 2nd for Revis. He is coming off a torn ACL, 1 year left on his contract that has a no franchise tag clause, and a history of holding out for new contracts. Given the Saints cap situation (Pat Kirwin reported it just yesterday as 18.6m over for this coming season) I'll pass on Revis.

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