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Mar 5, 2002
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I don't know why everyone is upset with him going against us this year. It seems that in the past several years he has been our only defender, as well as the only person who has picked us in the preseason. Every year he picked us we didn't do anything. So maybe its working as a kind of reverse jinks and we need to him to continue talking us down.

p.s. i'm not superstitious or think that anything he says has any effect, just thought it was an interesting development.
I hope everyone picks against us because everytime we start getting a bunch of respect we start playing poorly.
isn't salsbury the one who was haslett's buddy??? if so, that's why he could care less about us now.....
Salsbury is an idiot. He was an aweful NFL player and somehow thinks that gives him the insight to the rest of the league. He is an aweful announcer and he is an aweful talking head. I could care less if he is on or off the Saints bandwagon because he has never been good at anything he does.
How is he at spelling?

j/k- Salisbury is in idiot, and you're right, he was an awful QB.
I like Salisbury because he bullies John Clayton. He also has a man crush on Drew Brees. How many times haev you heard him say, "Drew Brees is a winner." this year?
Salisbury being an awful player.......that may have led to him being overly qualified for the job at ESPN. He has had years of practice watching better players play and just as many years just talking about how others play the game.

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