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Feb 5, 2004
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Buford, Georgia
Ok, so 2 or 3 weekends ago Saint Tia and I met up with Waits, LC, and several others for Wurstfest in a town near here. Afterwards we dropped LC off and took another friend home. On the way back Tia fell asleep in the back of my suv. When we got in to her driveway at her house I opened the side door and tried to wake her up.
Finally she woke up and sort of sat up and I told her "we're home, lets go in"

She said word for word "Ok, I'll be there in just a second"

Having heard that, and like a moron I believed her, I left the door open and went inside. I got undressed and got in bed and fell asleep.

There seems to be some confusion as to how long she was out there, but she did manage to make it in to the house. Needless to say I really got it the next morning for leaving her out there.

Like I did that to be mean ! LOL

Was that really SO bad ? Ok, I wasn't thinking, but she said she'd be there in a second and I believed her.
I even had to appologize in public for that one.
i think that's time, lock the door....
I'd offer the truth, but since you didn't call me back on Wed., I'm not going to bother. :)

you should have went inside and got her a glass of water. After she got through drinking it, you should have carried her inside and changed her into her nite clothes(if applicable) and tucked her in whilst singing her "you are my sunshine."
heh, Give him a break Tia...

You got in trouble for listening to her!

well it doesnt sounf like you blew her off or meant any ill intent, but she was left in a vulnerable position - i was always taught to make sure the girl(s) with (dont mean exclusivly in a dating situation but in general) are inside the house and safe - which is why when i drop a girl off and its not a date so i dont walk them to the door i dont drive away till i get the flash of the porch lite.

i remember once several of us went to a Rush concert in Monroe, one of the girls passed out and hit her chin on the arena floor and busted it open, we took her to the clinic in the arena, they patched her up but wouldnt let her stay there, she didnt want to stay in the arena so i had to sit with her in the truck, i missed the whole show - i sat on the tailgate and listen to a rush tape and drank beer - i couldnt leave her alone locked in the truck passed out. -
That was completely Tia's fault. You are completely innocent and she is just trying to blame you for her shortcomings, a common weakness in most women.:piano:
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You're supposed to wait until you're married before you do that.
my dad woke me up in our neighbors yard once when i was 14, never try and drink a bottle of burbon straight and then have a glass of milk - huge mistake

though oddly enough white russians are good, go figure
Sounds typical of a man to me.

A woman would never do that.

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