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The big story today, since I didn't like either team participating...

Super Bowl Sunday! It’s here at last, the national holiday when we’re forced to sit through football in order to watch so many beloved ads ... and Taylor Swift appearances, of course. For the twelfth straight year, Yahoo Sports’ Liz Roscher and Jay Busbee are here to escort you through the dizzying array of celebrity cameos, awkward jokes and heartstring-tugs of this year’s waves of ads, updating live as they air.

As always, we grade ads on a completely subjective, utterly biased, totally nonscientific basis, and all grades are final. Feel free to contribute your own takes below. Now ... on with the ads!

Grade: A​

YouTube, “Migration”

The world has been waiting for football players to act like their mascots, and now that it's happened, it's better than anyone could have hoped for. (A)

M&Ms, “The M&Ms Almost Champions Ring of Comfort”

OK, this is a good Super Bowl ad! Solid concept, recognizable guest stars, everybody's having fun. More of this, less of the somber piano-driven ones, please. (A)

Dove, “Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film”

Another critic-proof message ad. Keep playing sports as long as you want, girls. The spills and falls only make you stronger. (A)

Bet MGM, “Tom Has Won Enough”

This commercial will remind you that not only has Tom Brady won a lot of Super Bowls and made a lot of money, he's also charming and funny on camera. Not just as himself, but as Tim Birdie, seven-time pool champion. Brady has the best line reading with "Why is my babysitter here?" while Vince Vaughn's presence is practically white noise. Why does Brady want to become a broadcaster? He should just do this forever. (A)

Mountain Dew Baja Blast, “Having a Blast”

Aubrey Plaza is hilarious and amazing and the coolest cool girl there ever was, but Nick Offerman immediately steals the spotlight from her, especially when he shouts "I TOO AM HAVING A BLAST!!" from the back of a computer generated dragon. (A)

E*TRADE, “Picklebabies”

Those E*TRADE babies are typically insufferable bordering on obnoxious, but this time out they're genuinely hilarious, spending half the ad dunking on pickleball as "tennis for babies, but for adults." Preach, E*TRADE baby. Preach. (A)

Dunkin, "Dunkings"

Matt Damon steals the ad, no small feat when Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and JLo are also in it. Brilliant and goofy. (A)

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My problem is that there was too much football between commercials... :hihi: J/K. It was a tough hard-fought game.
None of them really stood out to me. Superbowl commercials.the last several years have been overrated. I miss the old coke vs Pepsi commercials....those were usually pretty funny. Halftime show was garbage as usual....I'm sure I'll hear on the news in the morning how awesome it was but it was boring and uninspired.
There was too much Brady, not enough Offerman. And I'm not complaining but I am really surprised there wasn't a Swift commercial.
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This will probably turn south very quickly and it's really not meant to be an anti-vax thread. That said, did anybody feel like Pfizer was kind of flaunting their massive profit margins by shelling out for a Superbowl ad?

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