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Oct 8, 2006
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Bell City, La
this season, my stomach is in knots. I have been nervous before but there is something about this game that has got me nervous in the worst kinda way. Saints need to WIN
Try not to think about it and just watch the game and let it unfold, that's all we can really do anyway and just try to enjoy what you can from the game. I admit that we haven't beaten a team in their division all year and we haven't beaten a team with a bad record that was desparate for a win either so it doesn't look very good for a win today, but we also haven't lost 2 games in a row all season either and our fans haven't walked out early in a game since the Ravens game, so I'm hoping to see our fans stay the whole game and not let the Ben-gals take them out of the game and the Saints players and coaches show up on a mission and with a purpose.
Think of it as a practice run for the Playoffs...

It'll be even worse then...
Take a deep breath man & just try & enjoy the game. Theres nothing you can do except give them all the will to win you can. Just let the game wash over you & absorb you & heres to a positive result. Personally im quite optimistic about this game. Think of our positives, Brees, Colston et al & of course were in the Superdome so Bengals ears might get shattered.
Enjoy the game & support all the Saints all the time.....
Nervous? I was nervous last week against Pittsburgh, and it turned out to be well-founded. I am really optimistic today. I think the home-field advantage will make the difference in the end.
I was VERY nervous last week and I saw why.

This week hasn't been nearly as bad....i feel surprisingly confident.
This one scares me aswell,We need this win to solidify us as a team that can contend in the playoffs.I really don;t want to see the Bengals go up early in this one.I want the fans to be screaming throughout.
Heck, I get worked up every game, but that is the nature of being a Saints fan. We for so long have seen previous teams grasp a lost out of the jaws of victory. This team is, though, far different to most I have watched over the last 40 years. They are well coached, play together as a team and have, to date, give a full effort for 60 minutes.
Now today is going to be a very challenging game as the Bungles are a dangerous team in big time need of a win. I have a feeling that Drew and company will be up to the match and I see in the end a 30 - 21 win by our team of destiny.
If we lose, and Carolina wins, we still control our own destiny in terms of the division. If both Atlanta and Carolina win, we actually still retain the division lead even if we lose, because the division records are even and we have the better conference record. So this game doesn't worry me that much.
SaintsRays....your boy Brooks is history!

How have you been? Haven't seen you post too much since he left.
Get Crunked Up!!

It"s Game Time!!!!

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