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Apr 5, 2000
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Melbourne Australia
I just saw that the Failcons are going to release Desmond Trufant. He has been a thorn in the side of our boys for a long time, opinions? I know I haven't heard his name that much lately, injuries?
The guy is crazy talented, not sure if it was injuries or coaching or a combination but he hasn't been the same lately. Wouldn't be opposed to bringing him in for a look though.
If the money is right, why not on a one or two year deal? Bet he would give us our moneys worth just to show up his former team since he would be staying in division
He’ll get his chance to show if he’s still got “it” after the Raiders or Dolphins sign him... maybe the Panthers
He has the talent when healthy. If he can be had for a reasonable one/two year deal I would take him. He was one of only three players worth a darn on that defense. DT/FS were the others.

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