Two Spaces after a Period? (1 Viewer)

It’s hard as heck to break the two spaces habit. I still remember my typing teacher (Mrs. Norris) at WMHS talking about two spaces. Even now I occassionally hit the space bar twice after a period. I’ve even had a manager once point out that he knew I was at least 45 because of it. I once jokingly told him, THERE ARE TWO SPACES in a Star Trek TNG reference.
At work, I am on a team that reviews, updates and writes policy for our nationwide program. We had this conversation a couple of years ago. A lot of strong opinions back and forth, but apparently the two spaces after a period has been dead for many years. I believe that all modern writing style guides call for one space.

I am 51 this year and it hasn't been a difficult transition for me. But there are still holdouts, for sure.
Grammarly enforces the one space rule even if you type 2. This and the Oxford comma, or not.
I had to break the 2 space habit when I went back to school. I was required to follow a format that specified 1 space only. We would lose 1 point for every formatting error.

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