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May 22, 2000
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Yeah we did get taken behind the woodshed by a good team yesterday...but c'mon this is the NFL...and we are one of the top teams in the league.

Thats all.
I look for a sound trouncing of the Buccaneers next week. This was a tough loss but in the end will only make us stronger and wiser.
Hey I want to say a couple things:

I know woulda coulda shoulda and all that but here goes:

We gave them two touchdowns with the two INT TD pics, and if we intercept that ball right b4 the half it's a different game. Payton's bunch will ounce back. Big divisional game Sunday.
Even with the sloppy play the team did not fold up the tent and go home. Brees played to the end and that's all you can ask for. If we still had Brooks, he would have been sacked 6 times and threw 12 interceptions. There is one positive you can take form the lost. The media will surely jump off the bandwagon in droves. For some reason whenever the media picks the Saints in a unanimous fashion, it seems like we always loose those games. I am sure no one will pick us next week so the odds are in out favor.
I agree this was a butt woopen we needed to take to get better, barely losing doesnt really show what needs to be improved on, but being dominated for alot of the game should, so this was a good lose.
Don't write off the Bucs so quickly. They'll be in super-desperation mode come next Sunday. And they'll be playing at home where they're a little tougher to handle. Saints are 5-2, Bucs are 2-5. Both the Saints and Falcons have beaten them once so we're both technically 3.5 games up on them. Should they fall to the Saints, they're now "technically" 5 games behind us (they'd be 2-6, we'd be 6-2, they'd have to finish with one more victory than us or one less loss [e.g. a tie] in order to catch us). You don't want to be 5 games out of first place at the mid-point of the season. That means you're effectively out of the race (for all proverbial intents and purposes).

*edit in* - This all goes to show they'll probably try anything to win next week including breaking tendencies, trick plays, anything they can grasp at for a shot at the victory. Please don't anyone take them lightly.

Not to sound like I'm giving up on the season but I've felt all along like this team still has some pretty serious holes in several areas (secondary, TE, LBer) and in year one of the rebuilding process our play so far has been outstanding. The future looks extremely bright after some more drafts and free agencies and we could make some noise in the playoffs this season.

I think some games like this are inevitable where we just don't have the pure talent to beat a team that is pretty much all talent.
:en-colere: I agree we have played well up until yesterday, but the encouraging thing is if we played like we did against atlanta, then we win yesterday. A loss is not bad if you learn and build from it. I hope the guys get mad and come out and whup some butt next sunday. I can't wait. I am fired up now.

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