We lost today guys but I cannot blame Terrence Copper at all (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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We lost today guys and it was a close one too, but in reality it could have gone either way, the game that is. But in my own personal ethical stance, I cannot blame Terrence Copper for losing this one, he played his heart out and I truly believe he played far beyond his potential today and made some good catches today, including a TD pass in the first quarter. In truth, we played a hard game agianst a hard team that was desperate determined Steelers team that played as hard as we did maybe God forbid a little bit better.

Be a little emphathic here, the Steelers DB hit him probbaly as hard he could, I mean he hit him as hard as he could, he was even injured on the play as matter of fact.

But I wil not blame Terrence Copper for this loss, not going to happen, period. He played all out today just like Deuce, Drew, Colston, and yes even Reggie, they tried to win this one as playe their butts off.

I cannot and will not blame anyone for this loss, these things happen, close loses happen, he just got hit in the wrong place and fumbled it, but dont dare blame him for being incompetent or unreliable, he played too hard to deserve that unfairness.

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