what color jersey tomorrow?? (1 Viewer)

hope it's only the heat on that black jersey getting me down tomorrow
i hope they play in white uni's...

cause of the HEAT, and our 2 losses have come through the black uni's.
Saints will be in BLACK as the Bucs wear the white jerseys at their home games (you can check this on their website, you'll see they have worn the white,not red, jerseys for each home game). So go with the black jersey.

In the past, Tampa has worn white at home for the first half of the season and dark the second half. I think Carolina does the same thing.
I think I heard on WWL a while back that they were going to wear black at home and white on the road unless the home team had a problem, then they would wear the black.

Sorry no link or backup but it just stuck with me as interesting after the players went to the coach and then there seems as there was a sort of compromise.

Geaux Who Dats!
White cause it's going to be at least 80.....I have done the black thing in Raymond James and suffered even though we wont the game.
No more black jersies. White all the way. Its to dang hot down there first off, white is easier for drew to see 2nd, and all our losses have come when we decide to wear black. No use taking chances with karma just to prove a point. Just go with what got you here.

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