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Bring 'Em To The Dome!
Oct 26, 2006
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Very Simple, just a thread about what song you are currently listening to, usually reminds people of past songs that they used to enjoy, and just shows the taste of music of people.

When You Were Young - The Killers

followed by

Santeria - Sublime

Beck - Cellphone's Dead

Listening to a Exile on Main Street tonight while at work at jamming on "Ventilator Blues"
Last song was yesterday at the office: Sublime - Date Rape.
For the last few weeks I've had a succession of Half Man Half Biscuit songs in my head constantly. No-one on the board will have heard of HMHB, but they were longime favourites of legendary UK DJ John Peel, which is a huge recommendation in itself. They are justly famed for their dry wit, scathing attacks on minor celebs, and a love of minor soccer teams (e.g 'All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit', 'I was a teenage armchair Honved fan', 'Friday night and the gates are low'), and the forgotten, dusty corners of modern life in general ('We built this village on a trad arr. tune').

Anyone managing to work Boroussia Munchengladbach and Jeunesse D'etch into their lyrics deserves some kind of recognition.

US residents might not get many of the references, but they're worth a free MP3 download if you can find one.

Sample lyrics 1:

Telephone call, telling me my old friend Graham had died
I took a ride round to where I could be of assistance
Said to his wife "don't give in to grieving sorrow and turn
His side of the room into a shrine, it just doesn't work"
Arm round her shoulder
Gently I told her
Dead men don't need season tickets

Sample lyrics 2:

She died with her telly on, 87 and confused
There's no hospital beds 'cause all the money's been used
On the end of the century party preparations
And they said that the last thing she saw in her life
Was STING, singing on the roof of the Barbican
STING, singing on the roof of the Barbican

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