What would you trade for a Saints SB? (1 Viewer)

Aug 25, 2006
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Tampa traded draft picks for KJ and Gruden and ended up with a ring. Their team is getting older, they have had some salary cap problems, but hey - they have the ring and it can never be taken away from them.

Other teams have tried and failed (Redskins).

For arguments sake, would you trade a decade or two of mediocre football (no sarcasm please) for one guaranteed SB win?
I'd trade my left....
If I absolutely knew that the Saints would win a SB(meaning a Delorian showed up in my living room and MJF got out and told me so)I would probably be willing to suffer through a few years of less than stellar football. It would take me at least 5 years to get over the hangover that would follow the handing of the Lombardi trophy over to Sean Payton. Of course, once you win one, you always want more of that feeling.
I wouldn't trade anything because I truly feel (never had this feeling as a Saints fan before) that Payton is going to get us to the "Big Dance" and we will bring home a ring.
i would take a daily kick in the ****s for a month
Better question what would you give up for the superboal tickets?
Lord, we've endured 40+ years of mediocre football, what's one decade more for a guaranteed SB win? ;)

I mean, one can only live off of "Hakim Drops the Ball" so long.
I would not give up anything if you state it like that, I just enjoy watching the saints and a superbowl would just be a plus. Not having this team would be terrible.
Oh thats easy, i'll trade my first born whenever i have one

would you trade a decade or two of mediocre football (no sarcasm please) for one guaranteed SB win?

After almost 4 decades of mediocre football- YES YES YES I'd trade "a decade or two" for a Super Bowl win. Without even thinking twice.

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