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Feb 8, 2010
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south FL
Definately have to get the wife one for Christmas, she needs it. This would be the first GPS I've bought so I don't know where to start. Not looking for anything too flashy or techy. Just what you basically need from a GPS so you don't get lost woman... again...

Thanks for your advice
My wife has a garmin and loves it. We paid almost 400 bucks 4 years ago and 50 to upgrade software. Now You can get a very good garmin on amazon.com for 100. They are very simple to use.
I use a Garmin NUVI 265T for my work truck. Plenty of useful features, plus Bluetooth capability. I especially like the "Where am I?" feature. Gives you coordinates for your current location and the nearest fire, police or other emergency services. I linked my BB to it and now I can use it as a hands-free system. The 265W is the widescreen version. Mine is a little dated, I bet you could get a better model for much less than what I paid for mine 2 years ago.
I got the Garmin Nuvi (the cheapest one) and love it. This is the 3rd one ive bought and find it is the best. My other 2 were a Tom-Tom and a Mio. Neither one was nearly as good.
Piggybacking on this thread.., gpsdrive for the iPhone is great. It's only 2.50 a month to activate voice or about 20 per year. Wasnt very good when it came out but it's great now. I make sure my wife has both... Just in case. You might want to do same.
hell, the GPS on my Droid from google is amazing and I don't even need to pay anything extra for it. You never have to pay to update the software either as they do it for you automatically. It's got a ton of great features.

But if you want a designated gps, then garmins work quite well. It's pretty basic technology at this point, so just about anything would work if you aren't too picky on features.

I'm never going to buy a dedicated gps again, I am just going to use my phone as the gps from now on. However certain exclusions still exist as I like having a mounted GPS on my motorcycle and then if I ever do long-distance trips in a boat.
I have the Garmin 255W, it works pretty well. Used it in NYC with no problems.
Garmin Nuvi 205W on newegg today for $77 with free shipping.

Promo code: EMCZNYV22

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