Who Dey? So stupid sounding, isn't it? (1 Viewer)

May 5, 2006
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Uptown New Orleans
Think about it...both Who Dat and Who Dey are short. Who Dat for Who's that who say they gonna beat dem Saints and Who's they who say they gonna beat them Bengals. We get to use 'dem since we have that "yat" going for us down here!! To me, Who Dey sounds so stuck up...Who's they? Give me a break!!! Last I checked, the Bengals have as many Superbowl victories as we do. What gives them the right to be so stuck up? Ok...just kidding about them being stuck up...but it still sounds stupid.
Well, we did steal "Deuce" from Philly. But besides that, I always thought the "Who Dat" cheer was stupid. Don't get me wrong, I am a die-hard Saints fan and I actually like hearing the cheer- but I think it's kinda silly at the same time.
The only team that can beat the saints is themselves... and if they can limit the turnovers we will be saying who dat and WE DEY
I feel this whole Who Dey? Who Dat? deal is STOOPID!

Who Dat? is THE ONE AND ONLY REAL CHEER that counts! No one, no one on the freak'in PLANET puts any creadence into the Bengals "Who Dey?" Cheer! It makes no sense at all!

We're the Y'ats , for Whery'at? And Y'at rhymes with DAT and DAT makes sense to ME and that's all that really counts JIMHO!

So, yell you're "Who DAT?" with pride and vigor my friends! It's not only our right, it's our HERITAGE!

"Who Dey?" What's that even mean? It makes no sense! It goes with nothing, is related to nothing and Cincy is nothing as will be demonstrated as we plough through them handily tomorrow!

"Nuff SAID!"
Um, and didn't they steal that from Dallas and their "Mooooose" call?
you could argue that dallas stole the moose call from the Giants with the Juice(Otis Anderson). How can that be considered stealing when Deuce is his name? When he touches the ball, people yell his name.
Screaming D-e-u-c-e when he touches the ball the just comes naturally. Saints fans can't help it.

What the fudge is a Who-Dey suppose to mean anyway? Isn't who-dey the name of one of Saddam's dead sons or something? Cincy knows darn well they stole who-dey from the Saints who-dat? I wish I could be at the Superdome today when a Bengals fan is foolish enough to say who-dey.
Dey Dat, pose (suppose) to all have to do with having french parents (learning French as the main language and later learning english)there is no th sound in the french language for they and that just as the is dee, same with suppose

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