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Can he play safety? Yup!
Jan 7, 2002
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First of all, I hate that HB option. But they teach Qbs to throw it away if no one is open, why not mention it to RBs? Addai on the Colts just did the same thing Reggie did. His wasn't picked, but he forced it into double coverage with Lynch and I believe Champ Bailey blanketing the receiver. Just dumb.
I didn't mind the play. But when it was call was my problem. At the time Bush only had one carrie witch was a busted play that resulted into a TD. So that did not give us any look on how they was going to react to Bush running. The Ravens played Bush different than everybody else. They did not have the whole team keying on him, So thats why Colston was Doubled covered. I think if they would have waited later in the game the play might have worked. Also I am wondering if Bush even seen Colston when he threw it. They might have told him to just throw to a spot.
I think the penalties forced us into that play. Instead of first and goal from the 7 it was first and goal from the 17.

I didn't have a problem with the play until I watched the Colts game. When I saw Addai throw the ball all I could think is why would they have Addai throwing the ball when they have Peyton Manning. Then I thought Brees is a damn good QB too. Why would we have Bush throwing the ball when we have Brees.

That play might work great someday but not when Bush has negative rushing yards. If the defense couldn't stop him then I could certainly see the play working.
Hello bclemms,

I don't think anyone questions the call, it was indeed a good one from that distance.

But many of think that since it was a trick play, he should have thrown it away. A receiver on a trick play should be wide open. If he isn't, the trick didn't work and the passer should have just thrown it through the back of the end zone and at least leave us in FG position.

I gave you a rep boost (or whatever that was) the other day, looks like they quit doing it.

edit to change receiver to passer, and add I might have misunderstood bclemms post. ddd

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