Will Reggie Bush rush for over 100yds. this season? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 23, 1997
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Bashers be gone! We all know that we need to run the ball more. Some have questioned Deuce's knee or how Payton uses him. I believe that RB will catch fire and soon. This opinion does not diss Deuce -- he'll be fine.
Reggie has been doing better each game here lately i would'nt be surprised if he rushes for 100+ tommorow.
Yes, he will rush for over 100 at some point this year. We still have 6 weeks left for the Bush story to unfold. I hope he gets more than 6 weeks to prove himself. I truly believe he will be everything we thought he was going to be. I can't put my finger on why he is struggling in the run but, I do have faith he will figure it out and start to amaze folks as he has done all his life. This guy has been a great runningback at every level in his life. He did not just fall off a truck and forget how to run. I just have to believe it will come to him soon.
I don't see it happening unless Deuce goes out or unless Reggie busts a long one or two...
It is possible but I think it will be difficult with both Reggie and Deuce sharing time in the backfield. I think the game where we have the best possibility of this happening is against the Redskins. Maybe the 49ers but they have a nice young defense.
If he gets 20+ carries vs atl he is gonna get his 100 yds rushing... but i prefer him getting 80 and 1 TD rushing and about 60Rec and 1 TD and Deuce rushing for about 80 and 2 TD
It wouldnt surprise me if it happens soon. I've noticed over the last two games and especially the Cincy game that Reggie's running style is changing slightly and he is slowing down and hitting the hole more than usual and minimizing the side to side stuff. He's learning and this is his rookie year but he'll only get better...he already is!
i hope he does it tommorow, against the falclowns...

obviously cause their a hated divison rival...also for the fact that their fans has talked bad about him the entire season. him running all over them would put them in their place.
Maybe with enough carries and against the right teams.

But I doubt he does it consistently.He just doesn't seem built for it.
If he gets the touches, yes.

and......... intro to laughter... now.

With the way Payton calls games, he'll have 100 receiving yards before 100 rushing yards. Scary thing is, at his current average per catch, it'll take 16 catches.

So yeah, he'll get 100 receiving yards before rushing yards.
One more thought... He will extend Deuce career by 3-5 years.

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