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  1. Andrus

    The case for Drew Brees being a better QB than Peyton Manning

    Eric Adelson | Columnist | Yahoo Sports Drew Brees will almost certainly break Peyton Manning’s all-time passing record in Peyton Manning’s hometown. It will be a true celebration in a city famous for parties if and when the Saints legend notches 201 passing yards, eclipsing Manning’s career...
  2. Andrus

    The Saint nicknamed ‘Duck Boy’ has the perfect mentality to rebound from Minneapolis Miracle

    Eric Adelson | Columnist Yahoo Sports Morgan Scalley watched the Minneapolis Miracle and his heart sank. He is not a New Orleans Saints fan, per se. But he is a big fan of Marcus Williams, the Saints safety who made – or failed to make – the unforgettable play. It was Scalley who recruited...

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