“The full Shanahan” (1 Viewer)

there's some pretty good shanahanigans going on at TATF

someone mentioned knowing the 9ers would lose after the big int posing session in the end zone, b/c it reminded them of the saints

i have to agree with that; it's idiotic
Yeah, that’s why they lost. ?
I know he was going to blow it. Remember dare I say it 28 - 3 !
He's a punk, I lost a lot of respect for him seeing the way he was yelling and pointing in ref's face.

On a scale of 1-10, how much respect for him did you have before that incident and, using that same scale, how much respect would say you have for him now?
Horrific clock management at the end of the first half!

he deserved the win all night long!

their only super stars are Kittle and Bosa, hiding the mediocrecy of the entire team
Guys, with the way the Saints have mishandled late game situations with the clock and timeouts to lose their last 5 playoff games gives me pause before I jump on other coaches. Blowing the last play against the Vikes was as bad as the 28-3 lead according to the win percentage at the time of the play.

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