2006 Election Projections (1 Viewer)

I'm projecting that, either way, our government will still be run by incompetent morons in the morning.

I'm just hoping it's the morons I voted for!
MI - Stabenow holds
MN - Klobuchar holds
NJ - Menendez holds

VA is very close with 78% reporting
I for one am really going to miss Rick Santorum.

One of the guest analysts on CNN actually said that the loss sets him up for a Presidential run in 2008!

Huh? He couldn't win a Senate seat as the incumbent in his state so that proves he can run the most powerful nation on Mother Earth two years later?

Qualifications for the job must have been lower than I thought...
Ken Mehlman is still the talking head of the RNC? hahahahaaha

Hasn't it been confirmed he swings the other way too?

I don't know if it is sad or funny watching all these republican talking heads on TV threading water.........actually I think it is FUNNY!

Change is coming America!
If I had a shot every time I've heard a talking head use the word "bellweather" in the past hour, I'd be a very drunken man.
I'm following this Tennessee race closely. Ford has a shot in this thing. He trails by 3 - but Memphis and Nashville are barely starting to come in - almost all of the results are from havily GOP East TEnnessee. Corker is barely winning his home city of which he was mayor - Chattanooga.

Still think Corker probably pulls this out - but it looks like it is going to be real close.
I meant to say that Knoxville hasn;t started coming in yet either - and Knoxville will break for Corker - though by how much is the issue.
House races:
IN 02: Donnelly (D pickup)
IN 08: Ellsworth (D pickup)
KY 03: Yarmuth (D pickup)

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