Boy, Drew Brees sure does have a weak arm... (1 Viewer)


Practice Squad
Jun 2, 2002
Reaction score
Oxford, MS
13 passes over 40 yards
48 passes over 20 yards

For comparison's sake?

All of last year Peyton Manning had only 6 over 40 yards and 45 over 20 yards


That good
Yea and his height is a big factor as well.
So weak that he's also on pace to be only the 2nd QB in NFL history to gain 5,000 passing yards in a season.
So how many yards does he have so far this season.

/Too lazy to look it up
//Somebody help
One of the TV announcers was such a Vick apologist - at one point he was going on about how Vick CANNOT be a pocket passer because of his height. He failed to mention that Brees and Vick are almost exactly the same height, D'OH.

No, guy, Vick cannot be a pocket passer because he sucks at passing!
remember his real name "noodle arm brees"! also remember that the only reason he is having so much sucess is because the nfl is making teams let him have huge games against him. hahahaha. gueax saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drew has 3453 yards passing in 11 games this year.(I think I'm right)
After that Hail Mary BOMB to end the first half, it's official:

Drew Brees' arm is 100% healed.

And it's certainly NOT weak.

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