Chicago's ST Coach - Make it happen Loomis!! (1 Viewer)

Our special teams have been a weak link for too long. I'm as patient and optimistic as they come. But it's time we do something. We're too inconsistent.
For real. They actually design kick returns. That's unheard of for us.
Bears ST is disgustingly good. I hate the fact I envy anything they have, but their ST unit and coaching staff is unrivaled in the NFL.
Ok... I'm not too afraid to ask...

Reggie is as quick as Devin Hester... so... um... why? :scratch:
Title says it all

I thought about the same thing when I saw Hester taking it nearly to the house. Also impressed by the Chicago Dline....
And Hester makes the NFL record for punt/KO TD returns as I type this
Vikings blow.

Look what happened with the Bears vs Patriots.
Ok... I'm not too afraid to ask...

Reggie is as quick as Devin Hester... so... um... why? :scratch:

1. Coaching.
2. Coaching.
3. Coaching.
4. Coaching.
5. Coaching.

If you notice something about the Bears, they get great returns from anyone they put back there. The reason is obvious; their ST unit is well coached and they know their assignments and also do this little known thing called blocking on Special Teams... something the Saints rarely seem to ever do on returns.
Hester has uncanny vision on returns, coupled with the fact that the Bears ST unit sets the table for him to be successful; makes for a stellar return game.
when is the last time we returned a kickoff for TD? roby at the rams game last year? i know reggie returned a punt in the playoffs last year. so 2 TD returns in 33 games? about once every 17 games? sux

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