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Jul 18, 1998
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I don't like chick flicks or rom-coms. In fact, I mostly despise them, and think that the movies on Lifetime channel are godawful

In my dating exploits I've been exposed to many over the years and for the most part the movies were every inch as horrible as I thought they'd be.

There are been a handful of exceptions.

Here are some that I actually liked:

As Good As It Gets

God help me but I did enjoy the Bodyguard.

I feel iffy about Titanic. The love story side not so much. But once that ship hits the iceberg and starts going down the movie is pure gold.

I put myself out there. what about you. What girly movies do you like?
The Notebook was pretty good.
How to lose a man in ten days
City of angels
Letters to Juliah
Can't buy me love
Sweet home alabama

I could tolerate these, but luckly my wife would rather watch a comedy
re-watched eternal sunshine of spotless mind the other day and really liked it.

As for, never, no way. Even the almost-naked Winslet scene isn't worth it since she gets naked in plenty other movies.
The Notebook
10 Things I Hate About You
Bring It On

I watched a flick a few days ago called Easy A, I only watched it cause Emma Stone was in it. Turns out I actually kinda enjoyed it. :covri:
Not many for me, but I did like The English Patient. Moonstruck was another one.

Yeah, that's all I got.
Chick flick...?

The one with Ashley Judd where she dances in her panties.

I think Hugh Jackman is in it or something.
I might lose my man card over this one, but I'll be honest

Monster-in-law :covri:

There is no reason I should like this movie. I hate most chick movies because they have terrible writing and acting but this one definitely snuck through the cracks of my picky taste in movies.

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