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Sep 26, 2005
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This is the way I believe things will play out
Sorry, just being realistic

1. Bears
2. Seahawks
3. Dallas
4. Panthers
5. Giants
6. Saints

I have us finishing the year at 8-8 or perhaps 9-7
While the schedule isn't as brutal from here on out, tough games at ATL, NY, and Dallas will be hard for us to win

Easier games will be San Fran, Washington.

Another tough game will be at home against Car. They always save the best for last. BUt if they've locked up the division and can't get any better seed, then, we're looking at them perhaps resting players, giving us an easier game.

It's just going to be too tough for us to win 4 of the last 6, with those three tough road games. I like 3 out of the last 6.

Hoping I'm right on the playoffs for Saints, but hoping also hoping for a little magic to help us to a better record. I've been a Saints fan for too long and the franchise is cursed. They always find ways to blow things.
well as of right now we are a 5 seed....and play carolina in week 1 of the playoffs.....i think this changes....
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Actually right now the Saints would be the 5th seed since they have a better conference record than the cowboys
oops i meant to put that... i dont know what i was thinking....thanks

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