Excellent explanation on how very lucky Tom Brady has been in the playoffs (1 Viewer)

I think luck has to play a part in most championship seasons. Whether it’s the ball bouncing a certain way, benefiting from questionable calls, or playing a team that just coughs the ball up over and over again most teams need a little luck to win it all. Unfortunately the Saints have been on the wrong side of that more often than not.
I hardly see the point in this exercise. A lot of that is really Patriots luck isn’t it? And they have been in the playoffs A LOT. Plenty of time to get lucky.

the Saints have been exceptionally unlucky two of the last three. But some people would say that things that happened in our 09 run we’re lucky. But we were there. And we played the role of putting ourselves in position to be lucky.
Guys...this is a parody account.

He has made a lot of jokes in the past. He used to use a name that..isn't safe for kids or work. But people didn't put it together, so they would often retweet his stuff.

He also posted a bunch of videos about how overrated Michael Jordan is.
You have to have some luck to win SB’s. We had luck in the 2009 season, too.

Drew Brees has a good overall career in the playoffs. It’s not his fault that his kicker or unintelligent defense (sans Tracy Porter and Cam Jordan) can’t get out of their own way.
2013 defense was better than 2013 offense...cuss and discuss...
But Seahawks were just better.
One time is luck, six times isn't.

He benefited from being in a well run organization with a proven record of winning, especially when it mattered most in the playoffs.

They may have been in a soft division, but they still beat the playoff teams more times than not.
When you the only team in a conference and pretty much have no choice but to go to a SB, it comes down to just beating the opposition, and the opposition has been questionable on the NFC much like the playoff opponents on the AFC side at times.

Its been alot of luck, it might sound crazy after 6 rings, but the stars aligned in about every one of those rings, they lost 3 times to NFC East teams. Only game they won by a decent margin in a SB was against a team that should not of been there in the first place, let that sink in.

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