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Apr 15, 2004
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Would you re-sign him? Would you overpay to keep him a Saint?

I've been questioning whether its worth it or not. I just don't see anyone that will be out there in free agency of Grants caliber to replace him. I certainly dont want to lose him for nothing or end up having to use a high draft choice on a D-end. What does everyone else think? I guess we should tag him if we can't get a reasonable contract done.
This will be a tough decision for the front office to make. You don't want to overpay him but if you don't re-sign him then that creates another hole on defense and we already have a lot of holes to fill on defense this offseason. I guess you can use the franchise tag but then you run the risk of this turning into another Darren Howard situation.
If he continues to play the way he does for the next six games, I'd overpay just a little. I like what the guy brings on the field and he continues to be one of the most positive players on the team. I also think it sends a good message to players who were drafted/signed in that the 'Saints take care of thier own".

Somebody is probably going to throw mad money at the guy and there comes a point where signing one player impacts what else the team can do but, all things being equal, getting a deal done would be a priority in the next few months.
I don't see him worth top 5 money. At the most I would price him at the low end of the top 10 scale. If we can't work out an extension in that price range, then we should probably tag him and see what happens next year. Ninkovich may show enough that we are comfortable letting Grant go after next year or maybe it gives us another year for Grant and NO to establish where he should fall in the salary range
"Top 5" Money is an overrated statement. At any given time the 5 top money makers at a position are guys you haven't even heard of. Every player gets paid and usually overpaid eventually if they perform. If Grant continues to perform then yeah you "overpay" for him. If we don't someone else will. We already have to worry about replacing Thomas with a top CB. Don't need to worry about DE to.
I would imagine that Mr Loomis figures a way to get him signed. He is looking for the big signing bonus and the stability of a longterm deal. Throw $7-$8 million at him in up front and then a long term cap friendly deal that is back loaded. He is a top DE
Yeah, I don't wanna play defensive end musical chairs. It's pointless. We went from Joe Johnson and Darren Howard to Howard and Charles Grant to Howard, Grant, and Will Smith to Grant and Smith to (hopefully) Grant, Smith, and Ninkovich. I'd much rather see us draft a linebacker, sign someone else's top free-agent CB, and retain our own Grant. ANy deviation from this leaves the aforementioned and unwanted extra hole to fill.
I would imagine that, with the new cap, he will probably be around top 5 maybe top 10 money.
If Grant wants top money we should let him walk.

I like him. He is a good locker room guy. He plays the run very well. He is not getting to the QB enough. I would rather roll the dice again in the draft if we are going to have to pay top dollar.
I will prognosticate right now that he will no longer be with the team after this season. Whether this will be due to salary cap or to complete the purging that Payton started last year, I am not sure. No facts, just my opinion.
I wonder if Mr Loomis really want
to win because from the way it is
and always will be...If ya can't play
good on the Defensive side of the ball
you will win some games but you will
not a win a Championship or a Super-Bowl.

P,Manning have been in the NFL 9
years with no Defense with him and he
haven't been to the big dance.

I will say nothing about Dan Marino.
Most championship teams have a balance of the two. The Saints had a great defense for how long with the Dome Patrol? I wouldn't mind tipping the scales away from the offense side and focusing more on defense in an attempt balance things out.
Here is a list of DE's that I'd rather have than Charles Grant:
1) Julius Peppers

Here is a list of DE's in the same class as Grant:
1) Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (Now, not two years ago)
2) Richard Seymour
3) Will Smith
4) Michael Strahan (Now, not three years ago)
5) Jason Taylor
6) Trent Cole (Still young, though)
7) Darren Howard
8) Osi Umenyiora (Still young, though)

Whatever you think he's worth, you get ready to fork over more because that's the way the NFL is when it comes time to sign contracts. By the end of the contract the player is underpaid.

Grant is worth top five money, easy. Don't point to last year. Last year doesn't count for anyone on the Saints roster. Those were uncontrollable circumstances that like it or not, have a huge impact on a player's performance. Pay him.
Simple answer, No.

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