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Ok, first off let me say that I loved everything this staff has done with the draft picks and that I am not being critical here.

However, just for fun, i would like to see what some of your thoughts would be about this.....but what would you rather have?

Let's assume that the Saints still make the trade in the second round to acquire Faine. Then instead of taking Harper, the trade that pick to Green Bay for Javon Walker?

Again, this is fantasy land and means nothing, but I am just thinking of what couldve been...wow! I mean I love...repeat...love the pick of Roman Harper. But just imagine having the future of our WRs being Colston and Walker along with Bush and Deuce! Yikes!

OK, wanted to get that off my chest. And again this is not a blast at harper, just a baseless thought.
honestly i think harper is going to be a great player for us. no one could have forseen the injury, so hindsight is 20/20. Had he no been injured, i think his contribution to this year's D would have been outstanding. With colston, horn, henderson and copper i think we are pretty strong at WR, and not so strong in the secondary. I expect RH to be a stud next season, assuming he recovers, and i think he will
Considering the emergence of Colston, Walker wouldn't have been the factor he would have been if we had traded for him (as I had hoped).
Since Harper has been out we've become susceptible to the big play. Harper gave us a very versitle safety that could play the run, cover much bigger TE's, and play in pass coverage. I wouldn't want to pass on that type of player. No one can predict injuries, but his talent is unquestionable.
I think Harper is more important to our team that Walker would have been. I think Colston would not have emerged if we had made that trade also.
I thought Roman Harper was playing great football for us, and perhaps at this point of the season, he would be turning the corner like Colston.

Not many scenarios I can see where I would pass on this guy. It's a shame he got injured.

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