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Mar 3, 2002
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So do we finally knock off a big team on the road?
Can we get the offense going against a good defense?

This should be a very good game. LSU's defense should keep it close regardless. One thing that LSU must avoid is what "bit" them against the gators, can't have stupid turnovers. I still think LSU is as good or better than every team in the country, but talk is cheap. Let's see them do it on the field.

I thought against AU we were a little conservative and tenative on offense. I thought the gameplan was much better against Fla. , but with all the turnovers we simply never put the ball in the endzone. Hopefully this will be the game that we put it together and JR has a big game.

GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tennessee's offense has been sputtering lately (even with the 31 they put up on USC), and Ainge is a little gimpy because of a stupid QB draw play last game. If LSU can pressure him consistently it will be a long day for the Vols. And Alabama laid out a great way to confuse Ainge and make him ineffective even without pressure. Our running game absolutely stinks (its been a long time that you could honestly say that about the Vols).
Tennessee's defense hasn't been impressive as of late either, but they seem to get the job done when needed. Injuries have really hurt us here.
Special teams have really helped us all year - expect to see the same Saturday.
Key here though will probably be Ainge. If LSU gets to him consistently or confuses him all game, then Tennessee is in deep trouble. If the ycan't then Tennessee should win.
There is now doubt Ainge will even play. Looks to be a game time decision.
I go agree about Ainge being a key. But, even bigger may be Tn's ability to run. If LSU can totally shut down the run and make Tn one dimensional, they're in trouble. The best way to attack LSU's defense that I've seen is with alot of quick passes. If they can throw alot of quick hitches and stuff and get some YAC, then they can move the ball. Still, it's hard to consistently move the ball on LSU. There extremely good up front with G.Dorsey leading the way.
To me the biggest key will be Tn shutting down LSU's running game. LSU's running game has been weak and has really hindered their offense in big games. LSU is going to get some passing yards. But, if LSU is able to run the ball and set up the play action, TN could be in for a long night.

I really think this is going to be a great game and the team that avoids TO's and wins the special teams battle, probably wins the game.
If the Tigers want to save face this year they better beat Tennessee. If not their season will be considered a dissappointment and Les Miles will get the label of not being able to win the big games on the road definitely.
I go agree about Ainge being a key. But, even bigger may be Tn's ability to run.

I don't think there is any way in hell we are going to be able to run the ball on LSU.
If not, Tn may be in for a long evening. You will have to at least make us respect your running game. If not, we're going to be coming at Ainge all night long. And alot of times it will just be with the front 4 and maybe a stray LB.

Honestly the biggest key for Tn may be field position. It's hard to sustain drives against our defense. They'll give up a few plays here and there, but generally make the stop at some point. Then mix in a lot of 3 and outs with that. That's why ST's and TO's will be so big. Also, Tn needs to hit a few BIG plays some kind of way.
Tennessee is in trouble. Ainge is going to have to take advantage of the blitz's and make some quick decisions. There will be no running game. There hasn't been one for Tenn. so far this year. If you're going to get it going, you don't wait to face LSU's defense to do it.

This is LSU's game to lose, but of course so were the AU and UF games...
[This is LSU's game to lose, but of course so were the AU and UF games...]

Totally agree. We definately managed to give away the UF game.
The ref's helped a whole lot to give away the AU game.

Still games aren't played on paper and going on the road against good teams is hard enough.
One thing that's good (and bad in a sense) is that Jimbo seems to open things up as the season goes along. Let's hope so. I'd love to see us put JR in the shotgun and have T.Holliday as the RB right next to him in a spread formation. There could be alot of possiblities there.
This game reminds me of the Pats/Colts.

If the Pats knock Manning off his game early, they will win. If not, the Colts will win.

Same goes for LSU. If Ainge gets in a groove early, LSU has no shot of winning. But if they knock him around early, they can win it.
Like when OU lost their conference title game in 2003 and didn't get to play in the Nat'l Championship game?

Oh, wait... :eek:
Ainge looking better according to reports this morning out of Knoxville.

This why kids come to Tennessee - for games like this.
We will rock you
Well I was wrong about WVU/Louisville...but maybe my prediction of Tennessee will come out correct.

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