N/S Derek Anderson has melt down in post game interview (1 Viewer)


Mar 31, 2008
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Wylie, TX
Just shown on NFL Network.

The reporter asked him about him apparently laughing on the sidelines. To which he cursed at the reporter, wouldn't let him get the follow-up questions out and then walked off saying "I'm done".

Another Cardinals post-game interview meltdown.
I'm sure the league will fine him for that. Lots of money going to charity this year!
Haha that was HILARIOUS! That guy really freaked out...feel kind of bad for him.
I didn't see the game -- History of the World Part I was calling louder than that game. So, I didn't see what went out on the air.

But it sounded like the reporter was trying to give him an opportunity to explain. I guess he just takes that **** seriously.

Edit: They just showed it again and showed the clip of the two looking like they had some kind of a smile or something. May not have been joking, but the camera caught them at the right time to **** off some Cardinal fans.


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Even if they still had Leinart, the Cardinals would still be in the same position they're in right now. He was playing like absolutely dog**** in the preseason and was outplayed by both Anderson and Max Hall. There's a reason no other team signed him but Houston and that was to be Schaub's backup.

But damn, I really feel for Whisenhunt. Seems like a great guy so it's kinda ****ed up he's gotta go thru this
where is he from canada? his voice sounds weird

Hey buddy, whatchta talkin' aboot?


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