Saints/Falcons Gameday Thread (1 Viewer)

Let's get it on!

Gotta contain the edges, protect the ball, and keep Atlanta guessing (run/pass, not short pass/long pass)... basically let's get it done like it was 9/25 all over again! I've gotta open the restaurant tomorrow, so I won't catch most of it, but I will be following along on my phone when I can!

GEAUX SAINTS! Let's play OUR game this week! Don't let the score dictate the gameplan!
I've been up all morning having some pre-game anxiety. 2 hours left, the time is really crawling by.

Community Coffee on a Sunday's a Louisiana birthright. Go Saints!
OK guys and Ladies, Every week I remind all who visit the gameday board to remember Board guidelines and that this is a family friendly board. The mods who are underappreciated would like to enjoy the game like everyone so we ask that you keep things from getting out of hand.

Hey, Joe, I can still hate on Ron, right? I can gloat when we jam his face into the turf, right? No profanity, I promise! :)

Stop Crumpler! We must stop Crumpler! We can't rely on him to be fumblefingered like last time! Stop Crumpler!
i hope after thursday, the saints still have an appitite for bird ....

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